Three Wi-Fi

Three Ireland in conjunction with Bitbuzz are pleased to offer free Wi-Fi access for Prepay and Bill pay mobile customers.. This means you can connect to the internet and surf for free in any of the Bitbuzz Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to register

The easiest way to register is to download our free Android app by clicking on the "Available in Android Market" icon below. Alternatively you can register in any Bitbuzz hotspot in Ireland, just follow this guide.


You can also find a link to the Wi-Fi app on Planet 3 from your Three mobile.

Bitbuzz Android App

Our Bitbuzz Android app is now available. It leverages Android's location technology to help you find your closest hotspots in Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK and also allows you to register for free Three Wi-Fi access directly within the app.

For more details click here or you can click the "Available in Android Market" icon above to download the app right now.

How much does it cost?

Bitbuzz Wi-Fi from Three is free of charge to Three customers using an Android mobile.

Is there a usage limit?

There is a fair usage policy of 3Gb per month

Are there overage charges?

No, however the fair usage policy will be monitored and the service may be removed from customers that persistently abuse the Bitbuzz fair usage policy.

How do I find a hotspot?

Once you've downloaded the Three Wi-Fi, there are two ways to find your closest Bitbuzz Wi-Fi hotspot; either by clicking on 'Near Me' or 'Directory'.

Near Me - search's through all of the current Bitbuzz locations and finds the 5 closest to your current location, you can then click on one of the red pins to get more details and directions to that location.

Directory - displays a complete list of all the Bitbuzz hotspots and allows you to select locations by country and county to narrow your search. You can also get directions to any location by clicking the "Get Directions" button in the location details view.

Who do I call if I have a problem with Wi-Fi?

Please call Three customer service on 1913 if you have a question relating to how to set up Wi-Fi on your Android device, or how to get the app.